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Repository Submission Guidelines

One of the big problems with creating a shared database of information is creating consistency in what and how those pieces of information are named. This document is likely to change as we continue to utilize the repository, so please check back if you start seeing rejection messages from the repository administrators.


This is simply a one field submission - how can that go wrong?

First and foremost, ensure that the name you are submitting is actually the name of a manufacturer and not a product line. Also, if this is simply a private label of an OEM product, the template needs to refer to the Original Equipment Manufacturer, and not the branded name.

For example - IronPort is a specific product line of email gateway devices, and the manufacturer itself is Cisco. If you submit IronPort as a manufacturer name, it will be rejected.

Secondly, before submitting a manufacturer name, please make sure that it's not already in the database! Duplicate names will definitely be rejected.

  • Don't add the legalese onto the end. Cisco is sufficient. Cisco, Inc. is pedantic.
  • Do capitalize, unless the company is hipster, like openDCIM.


Templates are very complex entities, to say the least. Expect this list to be updated several times. The basic rules to follow for submissions to the repository are:

  • Use the product name, not the product number. People will want to reference a PowerEdge R210, not some string of numbers that can only be found on the nameplate.
  • Define the template based on what you would get out of the box, not what you add after it comes out of the box (such as 10Gb ports and SAN and all kinds of other goodies)
  • Don't use nameplate power. Just don't. It's never correct. Ever. If you have to guess, take the wattage of one power supply and multiply by 40%.
  • Name every port. Verify it with the product page from the manufacturer, or by visually inspecting a unit. If it comes with 4 ports + IPMI, make sure that you name all of them accurately.
    • IPMI / DRAC / ILO ports should always be listed first for servers.
    • Console and Management should always be listed last for switches (so that the SNMP polling will map correctly - or at least, it'll have a fighting chance to).
    • Power supplies are ports, too. Call them PS1 and PS2 if you have to, but don't leave them blank.
  • Get the weight of the device and enter it. If you submit a template with no weight, it will float back to your inbox as invalid, light as a feather. Right now we store everything in the repository in pounds. Version 5.0 will feature a conversion to and from your localized preference.

Obviously if you are customizing some of the systems, you would deviate from those template guidelines.