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Rack Requests-Admins

Pending rack requests may be opened from the list on the openDCIM home page or via the link in the request notification email.

Requests may be updated as necessary, use the Update Request button to save the updates.

When the request has been completed the Move to Rack button may be pressed to mark the request complete and transfer data to a new Device record. Make any other necessary updates to the Device record, such as rack location where the device is installed, and press the Update button to save the record.

If the request is to install a blade in a chassis, you will need to open the Chassis entry and use the Add Device button in the Chassis Contents box to open a new Device record. The information from the Rack Request will need to be manually moved to this Device record and the Update button pressed to save the record. (To mark the request complete, press the Move to Rack button and leave the Device page without pressing the Update button.)

When Move to Rack is pressed the Install Date in the new Device record is set to the current date. The following data elements are moved from the Rack Request to the Device record:

  • Label
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacture Date
  • Asset Tag
  • ESX
  • Owner
  • Cabinet
  • Position
  • Height
  • Number of Data Ports (from Number of Ethernet Connections)
  • Device Type
  • Device Class