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Initiating entry of new devices may be done in several ways:

  • By pressing the Add Device button on the Cabinet form.
  • By pressing the Add Device button in the Chassis Contents box of a chassis.
  • By pressing the Move to Rack button on a Rack Request.

The data displayed on the Device form will vary based on the type of device being entered or modified. A Chassis will have a Chassis Contents box to display and manage the blades installed in the chassis. A Switch (or Patch Panel) will have a box to display and manage connections to the switch.

Though not required, you will note an exception on the Cabinet display and the Data Exceptions Report if a device does not have a Departmental Owner or Device Class specified. Device Classes are defined by creating a Device Template.

A special note regarding Switches - if you are using managed switches (SNMP enabled) and configure the SNMP information in openDCIM to talk to the agent on the switch device, you can get actual Port Names and the Status of each port in a real-time fashion. There is also a report available to show switch documentation exceptions along with capacity. See this video for more information on how to use the SNMP feature within openDCIM: {{#ev:youtube|cfyI0lHdfCA}}

Press the Update button to save the updates to a device record.

To delete a device press the Delete button.