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Device Templates

Device Templates are just what they sound like - templates for devices in your data center that you can assign to individual assets. The purpose is to keep track of the common attributes - size, weight, and power profile - so that you don't have to remember them each time you rack up one in your data center.

You can see a video tutorial of how to implement device templates at: {{#ev:youtube|0fEBmu2J0rc}}

As of Version 3.2, you can now add images to your templates for a more realistic front and rear elevation of your data center inventory. This video explains how to do that: {{#ev:youtube|fpMVRG9bPeA}}

Database Information

The fac_DeviceTemplate table stores this data, and uses ManufacturerID as a foreign key from the fac_Manufacturer table.

Future Development

As with the fac_Manufacturer table, one of the development ideas is to add an opt-in synchronization function to allow users of openDCIM to collaborate and share their device templates. There is no scheduled date for this function, but if you would like to contribute to the effort, please let one of the developers know.

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