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System Requirements

openDCIM is designed to run on a fairly cookie cutter LAMP system. However, there is no operating system specific code, so it could conceivably run on any operating system that can run the components.

  • Apache Web Server 2.x, or similar web server, with page authentication set up for where you want to install openDCIM. As of version 4.2, you may disable Apache authentication and instead utilize LDAP authentication and authorization build in to openDCIM. We suggest installing openDCIM at the root of a configured server, such as, rather than
    • Set up your page as SSL enabled!
    • The main page checks for SSL, and enforces a redirect to https if you are accessing via insecure methods. If you didn't set up an SSL site, this will result in an infinite loop with your browser until you tell it to stop.
  • MySQL 5.x - you can either run this on the same host or a separate host. Space requirements are very low.
  • PHP 5.x - Make sure that you have libraries enabled for MySQL and SNMP access.

Optional Modules (Suggested)

  • SNMP Tools (and the php-snmp module)
  • graphviz package (specifically the dot package)