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Power Sources

Power Sources are simply the upstream suppliers of power to the power panels within your facility. For instance, you may have some panels that come from building/grid power, some that are generator (but not UPS), some from generator + UPS, or simply UPS. What you are doing here is simply defining the basic segmentation for "what if?" scenarios involving power.

Each power source that you define is assigned a unique key, so you can duplicate the source names if you wish. For example, if you had a building with one large generator, but several rooms that draw power from that source, you could define that same source (by name) for each data center.

Power Source Entry Screen

Database Information

The table fac_PowerSource houses the data related to power sources, and references the foreign key fac_DataCenter.DataCenterID.


  • PowerSourceID - Invisible to users, but is the unique key assigned to each power source. It is referenced as a foreign key by the fac_PowerPanel table.
  • Name - The name of the power source, which has no uniqueness requirements.
  • DataCenterID - As shown in the image to the right, this is shown as a picklist of defined data centers, but is a foreign key reference to the fac_DataCenter table.
  • IPAddress - If this is a source with an SNMP manageable interface, you can enter the IP address here and pull the load periodically. For instance, this may be a management card on a UPS.
  • SNMPCommunity - The community string needed to pull data via SNMP from this power source.
  • Load OID - The numeric SNMP OID that will return the load in kW for the power source.
  • Capacity - The total capacity in kW of this power source.

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