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Map Navigation

One of the more intuitive ways to navigate the cabinets within your data center is to upload a floor plan map, and plot out the coordinates for each cabinet on it.

Sample Floorplan Map

Once you have linked a floorplan to a data center, any time that you click on the data center name in the navigation tree from the Sidebar the map for that data center will be displayed. At first it will simply be a map, with no clickable areas on it, and no color other than what was already on the original file. However, once you map out the coordinates for each cabinet, the map will become clickable and take you to the corresponding cabinet as you click on it.


You can see an example in the image to the left. The cabinets that display as grey have not been mapped onto the image. Any cabinet that has been mapped will either show an overlay of green, yellow, or red - depending on the capacity of the cabinet.

There is a collection of buttons to the top right of the map, as shown here in the image to the right. By clicking on these buttons, you can change the overlay view. For instance, if you only want the color coding to represent space capacity (and ignore weight and power), then you could click on the Space button. To go back to the composite of all three, click the Overview button.

A demonstration of mapping out your cabinets can be viewed here: {{#ev:youtube|8p-tFL9tJxw}}

As of version 3.1 (and later), you can get even more granular by defining Containers, Zones, and Rows of Cabinets. See this video for an explanation of those features: {{#ev:youtube|FYbSg7iy4a8}}

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