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This page is about Users of openDCIM, which is distinctly different from the Contacts related to devices in a data center.

Only enter a user for those who will actually need access to the openDCIM system. The UserID must match the UserID used to authenticate into the web site protection zone, and is case sensitive.

Access is granted for individual areas, and are non-inclusive. Giving a user access to Delete Devices does not implicitly give them access to enter them, or to even have basic read access. Be sure to check off the box for each and every right needed for a user.

Database Information

The data is stored in the fac_User table. It does not reference any foreign keys, but UserID is reference as a foreign key for many other tables. User rights are stored as boolean values.


  • UserID - The UserID used to authenticate to the website
  • Name - The formatted name to display in reports when referencing this user
  • Read/Report Access - Check this right to give the user access to view devices and pull up reports. Typically we give this to just about anybody that needs to reference the system, but not necessarily make any changes.
  • Modify/Enter Devices - Self explanatory, and normally we grant this to System Administrators so that they can enter notes about devices, or correct any errors that they may find in the data.
  • Delete Devices - A user must have this right to remove any devices from the system
  • Enter/Modify Contacts and Departments - The helpdesk or account managers may be given the task of keeping department contact lists up to date, and this right will give them the ability to do that.
  • Enter Rack Requests - If you decide to utilize the Rack Request system, grant this to those that can enter requests
  • Complete Rack Requests - Only give this right to the group of technicians that can mark requests as completed
  • Manage Site and Users - This should be granted to a small subset of site users - this allows you to manage locations, power sources, power panels, and the user rights within the system

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